Ocean soul

How would I describe Fire?  There’s something ancient about it.  When it flickers over the earth, it burns hot and destroys everything in it’s path, homes, memories, lives, but at the opposite end of the earth that same fire burning brings the nourishment to the earth that it needs to thrive again and still in other parts of the world it brings warmth into fire places in homes that need it to survive during brutal winters. Fire doesn’t know it burns hot, it just does and it’s up to the individual to know to keep their distance. It is pure and destructive, a beauty which is unequivocally unparalleled except by that which mirrors it; the ocean.

How would I describe the Ocean? Vast. Deep. Fluid enough to never be contained by man yet strong enough to transport armies, refugees, thousands of human lives on fleets of ships, while on the other side of the world, it is creating storms ferocious enough to rip apart those same fleets in the blink of an eye.

I don’t need anyone, I never have, but like the ocean my soul craves something, or maybe someone, to calm its storms. When I think of the ocean whose very depths harbor the lives of people who couldn’t withstand the storms, people who didn’t belong on its waters, I think of my soul again because the ocean is not unlike my soul that has tried to love people who didn’t belong there. There is something nurturing about it, yet something so destructive. It belongs to no one but those it allows inside. That is not for everyone to understand, yet those who do, they know that underneath the storms and the waves, there is a calmness, a beauty, and treasures waiting to be claimed. Somewhere along the way, waiting for the soul of the person seeking to find me, I lost myself.. and I started pushing people away much like the ocean, and it is for that reason I have an Ocean Soul.

The thing is, a really good friend once told me, “you can stay guarded and have walls up, but not so many that you can’t literally live your life”, she’s right because the metaphorical waves of protection I let keep out the bad are the same waves I use to keep out the good. They do not see good and they do not see evil. They keep everything out and if we seek to progress from what we think we know, we have to allow in everything because at the end of the day it isn’t protection we crave, it is feeling, it is loving and being loved in return, and knowing that if we do endure pain, we will be happy again despite it.

Best Regards,

Bombshell Boyfriend


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