Do you ever wonder what drives the universe? The people we attract? The events that are called into our lives?

I do..

I’ve always believed in a force greater than any one person, moment, or idea. I believe that individually we have energies, vibrations, and I believe that we resonate both with each other and with the universe on a deeper level than we may realize. We are constantly questioning “why me?” when something bad happens, or we complain about our lives being too boring when nothing happens, and then when good things happen we’re just constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop… and then it does. I feel like it’s all happening because of the energy we put out. It calls out to the energy that most closely resembles it. We have all been through experiences, good, bad, scary, amazing. Right now I want you to throw out all the bad that has happened to you in the last week, month, or year. Take a minute, think about a moment when you were happy, I mean truly happy. The kind of happiness that makes you stop to think, “I wish I could just be here in this moment forever and stay this happy, this carefree, forever..”, if forever were long enough. You should have it by now, that moment. I hope it made you feel something.. alive, safe even. I believe moments like those are truly rare gifts that the universe gives us as a chance to take that truly blissful moment, absorb the positive that came out of it, and recycle it back into good energy that searches the ends of the universe to bring us back the next moment to match. I believe those moments are our rewards for keeping the positive flow of energy going. Of course we are tested, there have been and will be moments, tribulations we face, that want to counteract the happiness we can have at any given time; The goal is to have so many happy moments that the few bad ones don’t feel quite as terrible. So that’s my goal, to water down the bad moments with the good ones. I hope to have at least one really happy memory I can always think about when life tries to hold me back, drag me down, and tear me apart– a memory I can think back to that causes all of my problems to go away, even if only long enough for me to just refocus and get a handle on the idea that I can control what happens to me and what I call into my life. The moments, the kinds of people, and the examples I set for those who observe me.

“The goal is to have so many happy moments that the few bad ones don’t feel quite as terrible.”

I crave nothing more than to be a good person, to align with the highest possible version of myself that I can possibly be. I hope to turn the bad moments into speed bumps and chalk them out to lessons and I hope to turn the good moments into memories that will become my strength in times of doubt. We all need moments like this and I hope you’ve discovered yours. If you have you’ll know, if you haven’t.. you will. Give it some time. I have so much love for people who want to be better and I hope that all of you hold at least a small bit of love for me.

Best Regards,

Bombshell Boyfriend


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