I guess you need some background first so you understand how you know you can believe what I’m about to say is true. Improvement starts with health. A healthy attitude, mind, and body. Taking care of myself has always felt good and it gives me a sense of purpose and that doesn’t make me an expert and I don’t claim to be, however what I’m saying can be put to the test, which I challenge you to do once you’ve read this.


Up until two weeks ago I didn’t take care of my body like I had early last year. I got busy with school, work, life in general and don’t get me wrong I didn’t drop everything immediately but I did slowly start de-prioritizing that which mattered most to me– my body and health. Until my recent move I didn’t have much time to focus on working out, eating right, or getting enough sleep. I was driving hours and hours a day to and from work and school and that really took up all of my time. As of about three weeks ago I have been settling in and I have so much more time, but before that (about a month ago), a relative of mine signed me up for a 15K so we could run together. She’s been running since about June of 2016 now and I’m telling y’all, in that time she went from running three miles maybe once every two weeks to running 18 miles a week. She’s doing great and my purpose for telling you guys about her is that three years ago years ago she was having health issues start to come up, I’m talking left and right. She hated spending time with her doctors which included only about two visits but they made recommendations. She changed her diet, cut out alcohol, went on a 6 month “no alcohol” kick, on top of that she added yoga in the evenings after work, since June of last year she has added the running I told y’all about. She’s in her late 30’s and she looks 27, (I hope I look THAT good when I’m her age) she has slimmed down and she has so much more energy, trust me it’s not just good genes, she changed her lifestyle.

Her change has motivated me to get back on the road to a better body. I mean appearance, I mean muscle, but most importantly, I mean health. I want to feel good about myself again. So I have literally hit the ground running. In the last three weeks I have put in a total of 26 miles. For someone who hasn’t ran in 6 months and didn’t train for the 15k, I’d say I’m doing well! I bought hella groceries today before my seven mile run/walk, all organic and fresh veggies and fresh cut meat. I am so excited to start this journey towards my better body and I encourage each of you to do a little something for the benefit of your health each day: walk a mile, run a mile, eat a meal that you spend time cooking, it doesn’t matter where you buy your ingredients from initially, just that you eat a home cooked meal every now and then (baby steps). It will improve your life. Personally I’m glad I’ve given up fast food because I feel better already and I’m only three weeks into my commitment. I wish y’all the best  on your journey to a better (insert the improvement you’re seeking here), and I hope you share your progress with me. I’ll post progress pictures once I think to myself, “Damn, you look good naked”, It’ll happen, I’m coming for my better body. Haha, BET.

Best Regards,

Bombshell Boyfriend


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