If you’re reading this it’s too late.. Just kidding! It means I finally decided to start a blog. I started off five years ago tweeting about my life, the most ridiculous nonsense you could possibly imagine, like telling the story of how I ran off into the woods half naked once– Seriously, I filled my twitter with the most random things I did on the daily and because of that my twitter has grown. People just relate. Over the years it has evolved into this amazing place, not only where I can write about my life in depth and share my experiences with all of those who follow me, but also to a place where they can come to me for advice and binge read my tweets as an escape. I wanted a way to share those experiences and a way for people to watch me grow and hopefully take away some things from my experiences, or to just take a load off and read something interesting, but 140 characters or less just wasn’t cutting it. So here we are.. I hope you love it and I hope you follow along on this journey. My journey.

And much love to all of you..

Best Regards,

Bombshell Boyfriend.


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